We ask mom’s to drop off your child and enjoy your “free” time!

Preparation is the key to a perfect result. Simply follow these steps to achieve ultimate results:

  1. Exfoliate thoroughly the night before your tan. DO NOT USE SOAP OR ANY PRODUCTS DURING EXFOLIATION PROCESS OTHER THAN GLOVE.
  2. Remember to shave/wax the day before tanning to achieve optimum results.
  3. Do not apply deodorant, moisturizer or wear make-up to your tanning session. These can act as a barrier to your tan and prevent even absorption.
  4. Wear loose, dark clothing and underwear to your tanning appointment, OR a bathing suit. The cosmetic bronzer in the tan may rub off slightly but will easily wash out of most fabrics. Do not wear jeans or tight pants after spray tan applied. Skirts or lose fitting dresses work best.
  5. 5. Wear open sandals or thongs to your tanning appointment - no socks or sneakers!
  6. Wear flip flops to and from your appointment.

Wig Instructions

  1. Please do not wash your hair the day of your appointment
  2. Hair should be slightly on the dirty side as it is easier to work with.
  3. Please make sure if you require rollers that they are applied the night before and use hair spray to ensure the curls stay tight.
  4. We will supply the bobby pins and hairspray.
  5. Please bring all accessories to your appointment; hair band, clips/ bows, tiara and hair doughnut.
  6. If your wig colour does not match your own hair please bring your colour spray with you to your appointment.
  7. If you require additional salon styling to your wig or NATURAL hair please book the appropriate appointment as we will require additional time.

Make-up Instructions

  1. Make sure all make-up is properly washed off from the night before.
  2. Please make sure your face is washed and ready for make-up application
  3. We will provide the make-up and we only use MAC products.
  4. Please bring your own lip stick with you as you will need to re-apply as needed throughout the day.
  5. Also please have your own mascara with you as you may also need to re-apply throughout the day.
  6. If you would like fake- eye lashes applied please book that as a separate appointment as we require additional time to apply them properly.